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Founders Kevin & Derek

Marine Combat Veterans Who Served Together And Fought The Good Fight

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Our Core Values:

  • Strength- We maintain the focus, embracement, and recognition that there are strong warriors throughout the world.
  • Happiness- Being a Warrior doesn’t mean you have to be in a battle mode mindset all the time. A balanced Warrior embraces inner-peace, is joyous and happy.
  • Wide Spread Positivity- We believe in spreading positivity through our brand to raise frequency amongst Warriors to cultivate continued synergistic, and like-minded awareness.

“Redefining the Warrior Title”

As a Dynamic Warrior, you live your life by the following as defined:

Dy·nam·iccharacterized by constant change, activity or progress; a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process. 

War·ri·ora person engaged or experienced in warfare; a soldier, a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness.

Kevin Potts
Who is Kevin Potts? Kevin is a United States Marine combat veteran that served in Iraq. Through this 4 year service, he met co-founder Derek Porter. From S.O.I. (School of Infantry) and F.A.S.T. Co ( Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team) the two would work together for 4 years of service. The reason they met was simple. They alphabetically put them in line with one another. "Potts, Porter" was called daily. They became best friends and would, later on, share the battlefield with one another.
This doesn't encapsulate who they are. This is just how they met and one of many reasons they are partners for Dynamic Warriors. Kevin is passionate about design, creative thinking, and helping others. The designs of clothes he makes are simple. Clean elegant designs that people will be proud to wear. Something that you can dress up or down in. Something that is positive.
Hey, guys! Kevin here. We collectively as a brand didn't want to just have military apparel. Veteran clothing is great but we want there to be a bigger picture. The bigger picture is WE ARE ALL DYNAMIC WARRIORS. T-shirt brands that spread negativity, put veterans in a bad light, or anyone of that nature, is the opposite of what we are doing.
All of us have the blood of a Warrior running through us, but it's up to us to harness this positive individual within. We wanted to make patriotic apparel from the start. This wasn't making complete sense to just make US Navy apparel or military T shirts. This was a much bigger picture. We want to be the Alpha. We want to be the alpha clothing line that people come to when they want something. Why? Because it makes sense to have great quality, be happy with what you buy, and to give back all at the same time.
Today we spend more money than ever on purchases that sometimes make us scratch our head in disbelief. You should feel comfortable in knowing that when you buy you are helping others. People helping people is what DW is all about. You already buy from companies like this. I'm sure you're all familiar with Girl Scout Cookies, Toms buy on give one and other brands similar. DW is one of those brands. Forever changing the way people shop. The guilty purchases of today's society are starting to get thinner. Start making feel-good purchases and change someone's life. You may not directly see it but we are trying our best to make this possible.
Join our team and fight for causes that matter. Get good quality consumer goods and give back. Feel good about what you're wearing and be proud. We know we are, and we know you'll be as well.

Derek Porter

Derek Porter is a Combat Marine Vet, Author, Husband, Fitness Junky, CEO, Security Expert, and a Dynamic Warrior. Derek manages much of the business end of Dynamic Warriors while Kevin Potts (a friend and partner) manages the creativity and marketing facets of DW. 
Derek also oversees the fulfillment and logistical regimens behind this power lifestyle brand. He is a firm believer that we all have warriors within us, but don't always cultivate and harness our greatest potential as a warrior. Thus, Derek wants nothing more than to push this brand as a constant lifestyle reminder and driver for all of us to be the greatest warrior we can become.  Superior quality apparel, coaching, mentoring all with a charitable attribution is the true driver of Dynamic Warrior and our goal as a community to positively push others and thrive as a confident Warrior and have a contagious positive influence on those around them.


This Logo Is More Than You Think

This logo we designed for the silent warriors in all of us. It doesn't mean that you have to be in combat or even be a Veteran. It stands for everything that is great about this country. 

First the "D". It was designed by the single thing that kept us safe as a nation and in combat. It is designed after the M16 trigger housing. 

Second, the "W". This was designed with the front sight post of an M16 but also the "W" is moving forward. This means that we always need to "Move Forward" and progress as people. We need to constantly be looking out for one another and choose growth for happiness and fulfillment. 

Not just a "DW" now is it?