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The average user saves hundreds per year by being a member. 

If you are like most CBD users and use it daily, you’ll want to take full advantage of our Membership saving you 20% or more on each purchase.

ANNUAL – Member Benefits Include:

  1. Welcome package w/ 1 FREE 1,800mg Full Spectrum Tincture ($199 value), 1 Dynamic Warrior baseball cap ($25 value) and lots of schwag. 
  2. 20% or more site-wide on all purchases
  3. Exclusive Deals
  4.  No Contracts/ No Commitments
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

There are plenty of reasons to consider signing up for a CBD oil membership with Dynamic Warriors. For starters, Dynamic Warriors provides customers with the convenience and options of a monthly or annual membership. Allowing consumers to choose the CBD product membership plan that will work best for them will individualize the experience and remove any unnecessary stress when it comes to the shopping process. In addition, Dynamic Warrior Members, from veterans to cancer survivors, receive a 20% discount on all of Dynamic Warrior’s products – not to mention, the amazing Welcome Package that comes with the purchase of an annual membership. It is evident that the Dynamic Warrior Membership options are jam-packed with benefits, valuable discounts, and exclusive perks, but how do customers know if this is the right decision for them?

People are successfully using CBD oil to manage and address a variety of symptoms and lifestyles. Recently, studies have highlighted CBD oil’s role in reducing seizures. There has been a lot of speculation and discussion pertaining to CBD’s ability to combat and alleviate migraines. CBD may be a great alternative for someone who is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It doesn’t quite end there. Studies have also shown that CBD can effectively reduce anxiety. Battles with depression can become much more manageable with the aid of CBD. Many veterans find CBD usage and consumption extremely valuable. CBD oil has given veterans a new way of handling everything from insomnia to intense reoccurring pains. People who have quietly suffered in the past are now finding hope and relief in CBD, and Dynamic Warriors wants to make that relief even more accessible with CBD Oil Memberships and discounts.

Dynamic Warrior Memberships result in customers saving hundreds of dollars annually! To begin with, the Welcome Package that Dynamic Warriors send all the annual members is valued at $240. The 20% off that all members receive allows customers to save a substantial chunk of money with every purchase. Memberships are perfect for individuals who use CBD oil daily. The monthly membership option is ideal for people who are testing out CBD oil and Dynamic Warriors and are hesitant to sign-up for a whole year right away. However, it isn’t a decision that anyone regrets!

When you think about how much a membership can save annually, it seems like signing-up for a Dynamic Warrior Membership is the only option.
For people who are looking for alternative ways to manage pain and discomfort, start exploring how Dynamic Warriors can help.

Stop wasting time and purchase a CBD Oil membership today!

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Dynamic Warriors is a proud partner of Sierra Delta and their mission to connect service dogs with military veterans. Our intention with this partnership is to push specific apparel and product campaigns to our veteran consumers where our percentage of all proceeds go to Sierra Delta to continue providing service dogs to veterans.

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