Marine Combat Veterans Who Served Together And Fought The Good Fight

This Logo Is More Than You Think

This logo we designed for the silent warriors in all of us. It doesn’t mean that you have to be in combat or even be a Veteran. It stands for everything that is great about this country.

First the “D”. It was designed by the single thing that kept us safe as a nation and in combat. It is designed after the M16 trigger housing.

Second, the “W”. This was designed with the front sight post of an M16 but also the “W” is moving forward. This means that we always need to “Move Forward” and progress as people. We need to constantly be looking out for one another and choose growth for happiness and fulfillment.

Not just a "DW" now is it?

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Proud Partner

Dynamic Warriors is a proud partner of Sierra Delta and their mission to connect service dogs with military veterans. Our intention with this partnership is to push specific apparel and product campaigns to our veteran consumers where our percentage of all proceeds go to Sierra Delta to continue providing service dogs to veterans.

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