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The vision of Dynamic Warriors (DW) was designed by Derek Porter, DW’s Chief Executive Officer, and Kevin Potts, DW’s Chief Marketing Officer. With the help of BJ Ganem, the founders created a brand and business that represents and serves the silent warriors of our country. Porter, Potts, and Ganem are Marine combat veterans. Their experiences as veterans are at the heart of Dynamic Warriors, but they also know that battles come in all shapes and sizes.

Everyone has a different story. Rightfully so, no two journeys or cases are the same, but the mission and goal of Dynamic Warriors never falter. Dynamic Warriors is dedicated to helping everyday warriors by supplying high-quality CBD Hemp Oil products for humans and animals. Dynamic Warriors strives to help its customers feel empowered and healthy. An essential part of DW’s mission is providing consumers with educational information. Once customers have a better understanding of CBD products, they will also have a better understanding that this isn’t just a purchase but an investment in themselves.

Over the past few years, recent studies and testimonials continue to indicate that CBD oil has the potential to help a variety of disorders and pain-related issues. Reasons like this paired with the personal experiences of DW’s founders are what brought CBD oil to the front and center of Dynamic Warriors. Alleviating pain, reducing anxiety, and aiding in sleep are just a few possible benefits of using CBD oil. Take a look at the CBD products that Dynamic Warriors, a veteran-owned CBD Oil company, offers.ย 

Even though the medical and scientific world is actively collecting evidence on how CBD products can make a difference, there can still be an outdated stigma that comes with purchasing or using CBD oil. Dynamic Warriors is committed to sharing as much relevant knowledge as possible, so consumers and customers understand what an amazing option this is. At the end of the day, Dynamic Warriors is dedicated to helping customers find solutions that not only work for them but empower them. As a veteran-led CBD supplier, we know the benefits of long-term us and offer a CBD Oil membership for interested individuals. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns.