CBD Oil for ADHD

Although the research linking CBD to ADHD symptom relief is very limited to date, people with this condition are trying CBD products to get relief from their ADHD symptoms and reporting on their results. With the advent of marijuana legalization across the world, people now have easy access to products which used to be socially taboo and very difficult to find. Not so with today’s societal shift away from fear and toward curiosity — if not outright support of — marijuana, hemp, and the possible health benefits they offer. Here’s what people are saying about using CBD oil for ADHD.

What are common ADHD symptoms?

Many individuals do not discover they have ADHD until adulthood, although it may have been present in childhood. Some adults experience a reduction in symptoms as they age, but many continue to struggle with daily functions. Taking CBD for ADHD symptoms may provide some relief, but each individual is unique, and there are no guarantees or research to support that what may benefit one person will have the same effect on another. ADHD symptoms often experienced include:

  • Disorganization
  • Excessive activity or restlessness
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Impulsiveness
  • Low tolerance for frustration
  • Poor time management skills
  • Problems focusing on a task
  • Poor planning
  • Problems prioritizing
  • Problems following through and completing tasks
  • Short temper
  • Trouble coping with stress
  • Trouble multitasking

Can CBD Oil for ADHD Reduce Symptoms?

A large study in Molecular Psychiatry with tens of thousands of people discovered an association between ADHD and cannabis use. According to the abstract published on the National Institutes of Health website, their data suggested that ADHD causes later cannabis use, which may support the notion that THC is used by many ADHD sufferers to self-medicate, although we must note here that ADHD is associated with heavier use of many drugs. In previous research, THC was discovered to possibly be effective for some cases of ADHD that do not respond well to Ritalin.

A very small 2017 study of a group of adults who self-medicated with cannabis showed a small but insignificant improvement in brain function, symptom reduction, and a very slight improvement in impulsivity and hyperactivity, but not significant enough to be conclusive. The research showing an improvement of symptoms in some people who experience anxiety and who use CBD oil is limited, but because of this it is thought to also benefit people with ADHD. Although the research which does exist regarding using CBD for ADHD symptoms is promising, it is far from conclusive. There is some evidence showing that CBD oil may help with symptoms of anxiety, which many ADHD patients also suffer with.

How Does CBD Oil for ADHD Patients Work?

CBD interacts with the receptors found in the endocannabinoid system present in the central nervous system of every human. This interaction has the potential to trigger positive effects such as reduced hyperactivity and restlessness given the correct circumstances. However, there are also potentially negative side effects, including the possibility of exacerbation rather than relief of ADHD symptoms.

Commonly reported negative side effects include:

  • digestive issues, including upset stomach or nausea
  • drowsiness
  • headaches, especially when taking higher doses
  • lung irritation and coughing when smoking or vaping

These side effects may dissipate with time as the patient becomes accustomed to the product. Because of the recent legalization and entry of CBD products into the market, many of the potential long-term effects of CBD for ADHD symptoms are unknown. It is also still unclear whether CBD use has an effect on hormones in the body, which raises concerns surrounding CBD use in developing teenagers. There is a real need for additional research to investigate and document the potential for side effects in these areas. Purity of product is also a consideration, as regulations are still being developed for CBD products. There are no current guidelines on the effective dosages for CBD oil or other products, so it is recommended that consumers should always use the lowest possible dosage when taking CBD oil for ADHD or other symptoms.

Dynamic Warriors offers premium CBD products to our customers as a source of natural pain relief to help support dynamic health and wellness in all our customers’ lives.

If you are looking for a dependable source of natural CBD products, shop our online store today. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new supplement routine, including the use of natural products, especially if you are currently taking medications for ADHD. You should never replace any ADHD treatments with CBD oil for ADHD symptoms unless you speak with your doctor first.

CBD for ADHD Symtpoms


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