CBD for Seizures

Using CBD to treat epilepsy and other seizures is being discussed intensively, sometimes of course also with regard to cannabis. What is the current status of seizures research? Is it really possible to utilize CBD for Seizures?

What are seizures?

Seizures are a neurological disorder. This is accompanied by several attacks that occur again and again. It is estimated that around 50 million people worldwide are affected.

Spasms and cramps occur during an attack that can spread throughout the body. Seizures themselves are not triggered, but occur randomly, making it difficult to identify the appropriate measures to prevent seizures. In addition, about a third of patients with seizures are drug-resistant and not all seizures can stop despite medication. A single attack is by no means an indication that someone really has seizures. An seizure is an almost sudden symptom that is completely unprovoked and can last for a few seconds or even a few minutes.

The fact is that 5 to 10 percent of all people in the world experience an seizures attack at the same time. The causes of seizures are usually extremely complex processes that take place in the body. In this regard, there are electrical signals, but also chemical processes. Their activity and chance determine the activity of the brain cells. This is usually due to a condition in which certain nerve cells are discharged and irritated simultaneously in the individual or even in both brain halves.

Individual or accidental seizures can be caused by inflammation, injury or brain damage. In addition, there is a sudden and significant drop in blood sugar, poisoning, lack of oxygen or withdrawal in alcohol or drug use. The situation with “real” seizures is completely different. This is based on a long-term change in the brain. It can be innate, inherited, or acquired through various factors.

Can CBD reduce seizures?

Some studies have looked at CBD to treat epilepsy and seizures and delivered interesting results. Due to positive studies, even a special CBD drug is currently approved. The extremely small number of side effects is positive.

In very successful studies on cannabidiol in Dravet syndrome in children, 2 to 16 mg CBD per kg body weight were used per day and therefore very high doses were used. The number of attacks drastically reduced after using CBD for seizure treatment, so the researchers concluded that the number of seizures decreased and the quality of life has improved.

Several observational studies on using CDB to treat epilepsy were also examined in a Brazilian meta-analysis and concluded that two thirds of the patients reported an improvement in seizure frequency, probably due to the synergistic effect of CBD for seizures with other phytocannabinoid (entourage effect).

Cannabidiol is believed to have antispasmodic properties that play a role in the frequency and intensity of attacks. This knowledge can help patients in the future and make their daily lives easier.

In general, however, there are other connections when it comes to epilepsy, seizures and CBD.

CBD is natural

CBD is a natural product; the cannabis plant is one of the oldest medicinal plants on earth. That is why vegetable cannabinoids are of natural origin and therefore free of side effects. People can use CBD for seizures as an independent remedy in daily life. Due to its antispasmodic properties, it is conceivable that the attacks can be minimized or weakened faster. Various symptoms associated with seizures can also be treated with CBD if you find the right dose for you.

CBD interacts with receptors in the brain.

The onset of attacks is linked to certain brain processes. However, the body’s endocannabinoid receptors are also found in the brain, where they can communicate with CBD. These facts can help, especially if a person suffers from neuroglia disorders. A variety of processes in the brain are controlled, such as appetite, movement, emotions or mood. The activation of seizures also finds its origin here.

Patients with seizures and side effects from CBD.

People with seizures generally want to reduce the number of their attacks; which in turn, will offer them a better quality of life. However, like all medicines, using CBD to treat epilepsy can cause side effects, though most do not experience these effects.  The side effects can sometimes lead to increased fatigue because CBD has a very calming effect and to low blood pressure. A dry mouth might also be possible.

How to dose CBD in seizures?

It is very important to find the right dose of CBD to treat epilepsy to get results. Ideally, the dose should be divided three times a day, usually starting with approximately 3-4 drops per dose. In the best case, the drops are placed under the tongue so that the active ingredient can penetrate directly into the mucous membranes and enter the bloodstream. The effect of the capsules can be different, because here the passages have to go through the stomach and intestines. CBD oil has generally been shown to work faster, especially with acute attacks.

There are a number of success stories and positive reports from patients who have alleviated or even cured their symptoms when using CBD for seizures. Many reports do not reach the media, which is unfortunate for those who have epileptic seizures. However, many people must already have hope or at least have the courage to risk self-reliant therapy with CBD oil.

Micronutrients as an additional component

The use of anti-epileptics can cause various problems with the supply of micronutrients. Magnesium, for example, plays an essential role in the connection between nerves. Magnesium deficiency can be associated with epileptic seizures, among other things. Almost half of people with seizures also have a vitamin D deficiency and are at a higher risk than the rest of society. Therefore vitamin D supplementation should also be considered here. In addition, it is particularly important to ensure correct supply of vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. Manganese trace elements are important for the functioning of the central nervous system and are therefore also an important part in orthomolecular care. Low levels of vitamin E are also commonly seen in people with seizures. Check the status of your micronutrients regularly.


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