Why, The Brand?

The conceptual thoughts that is now the Dynamic Warrior lifestyle brand began with the realization of the fact that Modern Day Warriors walk amongst us everywhere….


When Kevin and myself started building the brand, we wanted to represent and highlight people that we knew were Modern Day Warriors. But we realized just how important it was to very specifically describe just what a “Modern Day Warrior” really is. The masses typically correlate “Warriors” with Veterans, more specifically Combat Veterans. Co-founder Kevin and I are combat veterans ourselves, however, we fully realized that warriors (just as the dictionary defines the word) are individuals that have braved conflict. Since conflict is apart of our everyday lives, we came to the obvious conclusion that Warriors are everywhere, and are individuals who have braved through cohesion an inner conflict or even a physical conflict. 

The Modern Day Warrior

They walk amongst us everywhere…. Warriors.



  -A person engaged or experienced in warfare a soldier, a person who shows or has shown great vigor courage, or aggressiveness.


Here is another powerful definition, more specifically the part that says “a person who shows or has shown great vigor courage, or aggressiveness”. This is something that as a lifestyle brand we hold very near and dear. We wholeheartedly believe that Modern Day Warriors are all around us. They are not just combat veterans. They are the cancer survivor, the athlete, the single working mother, the entrepreneur, the teacher, the surgeon, the cop and of course the veteran…. Anyone who has “shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness,” especially where it counts. It is a lifestyle to live this way.

It’s humbling and awe-inspiring to know the fact that these mentally and physically strong people are everywhere and we band together in ways we don’t even realize functioning as a society, helping one another, advancing, growing, progressing as a species; striving to do better. However there is negativity amongst us as well and a mental fear that holds us back. Together, our goal is to rid ourselves of the negativity which is an ongoing process. This takes grit and a level of motivation that must shine brightly all the time and infect others whose light is starting to fade. We are a collective of people that are capable of such beautiful dreams, but yet we are held back daily by challenges and others that refuse to adhere to a prosperous mindset and thus creating a negative lifestyle that tragically infects others like a disease. The aim is to proactively develop and practice old and new behaviors that will allow us all to move forward. Life is beautiful… It truly is. You know you’ve admitted to yourself in the past, or you’re surrendering now to that fact, because it’s something you’ve always known, but we get caught up in the BS and negativity that brings us back to a place where we don’t want to be and frequently makes us forget that we are wondrous, beautiful, loving and Very Powerful Warriors of the Earth.

Thus the Brand Dynamic Warriors, to promote and advocate these modern day warriors. We hope our brand resonates with you and is a constant reminder of how you are a powerful positive force to be reckoned with.