Be Grateful!

Here is a short and sweet one for you...

Show gratitude…. Being grateful can change your life by itself. It allows you to understand how circumstances can be worse, it puts things into perspective. There are limitless ways that saying the words “Thank You” can allow for a release of emotions that bestow upon others, or re-iterate to yourself just how your life is beautiful. It can be as simple as being grateful that you have children, are married, have a roof over your head, a vehicle, clothes on your back, a job, loving animals, sunny weather…. Being alive for crying out loud.

The practice of gratitude (if you let it) will 180 your negative mindset, or enhance your already positive mindset. It’s not difficult… when you practice. Remove yourself from a negative situation, pause things entirely, take a few deep breaths and remember what exists in your life NOW and be grateful you have those things, because many do not…. Force a smile, exercise, grab a snack, change your surrounding, buy a gift, compliment someone and be grateful that you have the ability to do so. If you are doing right by someone and they are able to compliment and be grateful to you, you’ll see just how the dopamine release comes into play with regards to your happiness and that your actions are having an impact on others….. Remember, being grateful is a practice, so practice hard, exercise this regimen of happiness and you will see positive changes in your life.

Allow gratitude to improve your health, your relationship, preach gratitude to others and watch how your attitude changes.

Here’s to being grateful….! Thank you for reading.